Ian Benjamin Maxville, Jr. "Max"

A Maxville from Maxwell country, his Scottish accent appears and disappears at will.


6’ 2" when he stands up straight, but he usually has a lazy slouch. Very dark hair, tends to be curly when he doesn’t slick it down, or when he goes too long between haircuts. What everyone notices first about him are his bright blue eyes which usually have an amused look in them, when they’re not outright laughing. Slender and lithe with broad shoulders, he is unobtrusively muscular. He has regular features and a pleasant appearance though he doesn’t make heads turn in the streets.

Profession/Template: Mecha Jock Age: 28
Intelligence: 10 Stability: 15
Education: 2 Run: 24
Reflexes: 9 Jump: 2 m.
Cool: 6 Running Jump: 6 m.
Empathy: 6 Anime Leap: 12
Tech Ability: 7 Stun: 6
Luck: 4 Lift: 60 kg.
Move Allowance: 8 EV: 4
Body Type: 7 Throw: 20 m.
Attractiveness: 6

Hits –
Head: 6
Torso: 12
R. Arm: 9 L. Arm: 9
R. Leg: 9 L. Leg: 9

Skills –
Mecha Piloting: 7
Mecha Gunnery: 6
Mecha Melee: 6
Awareness/Notice: 6 IP: 10
Blade: 4
Rifle: 3
Dodge & Escape: 3
Hand-to-Hand: 3
Mecha Fighting: 3
Expert – Archaeology: 2
Human Perception: 2
Survival: 2
Write: 1
Drive: 1
Aircraft Pilot: 1
Basic Repair: 1
Expert – Navigation: 1
Electronic Warfare: 1
Expert: Ancient Languages: 1

Max grew up in southern Scotland, in what, in the Bad Old Days, was Borderer country. Now, some 600+ years later, it is peaceful farming country. His parents were not well off, the family had lost money somewhere along the way, due to profligacy in the Edwardian era it was believed, but the farm kept them fed and just able to pay their bills on time. In spite of the family’s change in financial status they were respected and highly regarded in the community. Ian, Sr., was on the town council and an elder in the church. Janet was active in the church also, as well as in the community. People sought them out for advice and counsel. There were four children, three sons and a daughter. The eldest Robert, known to family and community as “Robbie”; seven years younger, the twins: Ian Benjamin, Jr., called Benjie (much to his dismay), and Donald Joseph, known as Donnie. The daughter was Mairi, five years younger than the twins. His family life was a happy one, characterised by hard work, studying, and play as often as there was time for it. Robbie could be tempery and stiff-necked, and sometimes overbearing with his younger siblings, and life was a little smoother when he went off to University. There he met Isabel Dalhousie. When they’d graduated University, they married and came back to the farm to help Ian, Sr. “run things.” Unfortunately, of the three brothers he was least suited to farming, which made for some stressful times. As the eldest he and his brothers assumed he would inherit the farm, though their parents never talked about what would happen when they were too old to run things. They were as dismayed as their children when Robbie returned to live there, having expected him to find a job in the City (Glasgow) . Ian and Janet had hoped that he would be able to help send his younger siblings to University. Isabel’s father had offered him a job in his company. He was a government contractor, for something so Top Secret that not even Isabel new what it was, but whatever it was quite lucrative.

Ian Benjamin Maxville, Jr. "Max"

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